Why I Support The National Anthem Protesters

Why I Support The National Anthem Protesters

The phrase “Liberty and Justice for All” is not provided for minority groups in America. For example, some minority and LGBTQ people are refused service in some areas of the country. Also, immigrants who live in certain states can’t get married. There are also injustices against African Americans and other races who aren’t white; some include recent shootings of Freddy Gray & Samuel Dubose.

Many people will be called out for not putting their hand over their heart or standing for the pledge and national anthem. Here’s my answer to their question of “why do you hate your country?”

I’m one of the privileged people in this country because I’m white, I am from a middle class family, I currently receive a good public education, and I rarely face discrimination. So how could I hate living in this country? I personally put my hand over my heart and I stand for the national anthem, we should not degrade the people who do not stand for the national anthem. They are trying to make their oppressed voice be heard and if this is the only way that we will pay attention to their voice, then so be it. Some people are constantly saying “rioting won’t solve the problem. Do it peacefully.” Yet, when they peacefully protest something, we still degrade them.

I don’t think we can solve the world’s problems just by not putting my hand over our heart for the pledge and national anthem. We should encourage people to try to be open minded and educate themselves about equality in this country. The more citizens who work for equality, the more likely we can make a difference in our country.

Wade Chapman is currently a junior at Oak Grove High School in Alabama. He enjoys staying on Twitter 24/7 and spending time with. friends and family. He considers himself to be socially liberal and fisicaly moderate.