Conservatives Demand Moore’s Head for Refusa...

Conservatives Demand Moore’s Head for Refusal to Support Trump

Update: The SBC does not intend to fire Moore.

A Monday morning article in the Washington Post raised concerns that Southern Baptist Convention policy president Russell Moore could be asked to resign, after over 100 churches threatened to cut funding.

Moore, a strong critic of President Donald Trump from early on, is the president of the SBC’s Ethics and Religious Liberty Commission, the research and policy arm of the organization. During his tenure, he received praise from many evangelicals for his willingness to address difficult but relevant issues such as racial injustice, immigration, and religious liberty.

Notably, under Moore’s leadership, the ERLC filed an amicus brief in 2016 in support of the construction of a mosque in New Jersey. which resulted in the resignation of one SBC board member in protest.

His opposition to Trump came both from Trump’s policy and personality. His proposed ban on Muslims, he said, “would make Jefferson spin in his grave.”

“Trump can win only in the sort of celebrity-focused mobocracy that Neil Postman warned us about years ago, in which sound moral judgments are displaced by a narcissistic pursuit of power combined with promises of “winning” for the masses,” he wrote for National Review in early 2016.

Trump eventually fired back at Moore on Twitter, calling him a “nasty guy with no heart.”

Moore was one of the first evangelicals to condemn then-candidate Trump after the release of the Access Hollywood tape, tweeting, “The damage done to the gospel this year, by so-called evangelicals, will take longer to recover from than the ’80s TV evangelist scandals.”

Moore later said he would write in Nebraska senator Ben Sasse as a protest vote.

“Russell Moore has been a powerful force for truth and Gospel witness in the public square,” said Conrad Close, editor-in-chief of Freedom Crossroads. “Firing him for speaking truth to power would be a grave mistake.”

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