Democrats Have a Message Problem

Democrats had a hell of a year, didn’t they?

Let me start by saying I’m not a Republican or Democrat. But as you might imagine, spectating this election was entertaining. It was like watching the Superbowl without rooting for a team. (Hint: The Falcons = Clinton).

Like all games, sometimes you win or lose. The Democrats lost. After failing to win the House and Senate, not to mention losing to Donald Trump, they’re basically wiped out. Don’t forget that Republicans also have the majority of Governorships and State Legislators. You don’t need a Poli Sci degree to know the Democrats are in deep shit.

How’d it happen?

According to the Huffington Post, The Democratic Party has a favorable rating of 38.9%. Let me repeat myself. The party’s favorable rating is only 38.9%! Okay. So what? Trump’s approval rating was abysmal on election day too. The problem is the trend.

democrats favorable rating

As you can see, there’s a gigantic problem. Ever since their scorched Earth “Russia is evil” campaign, people have been turned off. We notice this from when they starting talking about it in September, to where their approval is currently. The truth is that Democrats have no message. It’s why they continue to lose while Republicans keep winning big. It’s why they lost the House, Senate, and Presidency. No one knows what they stand for. Sure, you’re not Donald Trump. Whatever. People don’t care!

How are we supposed to actually believe Dems are the party of workers when they nominate Tom Perez, who supported TPP, as their chair? Has anyone seen Hillary Clinton perform town halls since she lost? Nope. How can Senators like Cory Booker vote against an affordable drug measure supported by Bernie Sanders and Ted Cruz?

The Democrats are no longer the party of Roosevelt or JFK. They’re a losing centrist party with no vision or objective. The day’s of 2008 and Obama’s starpower seem to have come crashing down. Those feeling that Hillary Clinton could replace Obama’s charisma failed. The idea that you can run an ambiguous campaign was destroyed on November 8th, 2016.

Throughout this election we’ve seen mild centrism and wild radicalism. We’ve seen signs burned, celebrities threatened, and candidates speak. People will be talking about this election for decades. Not just because Trump won, but also because the Democrats lost. Everyone knows that Democrats have a long way to go. The question is whether they’ll be successful come 2020.

Only time will tell.

Parker is a political junkie, wannabe writer, and avid coffee drinker. He is currently a Senior at Millis High School in Massachusetts. Parker hopes to study business, persuasion, and communication in college.