Possible Deal Reached In HB2 Repeal

North Carolina State Senate leader Phil Berger announced a deal late Wednesday night that could repeal House Bill 2 on Thursday.

Berger said said that the State Senate will vote first, then the State House will follow.
The announced repeal deal is being ushered quickly before a Thursday deadline via the NCAA to make changes to the controversial LGBT law or lose the ability to host sports championships in the state through 2022.

Members of The Human Rights Campaign, Equality NC and the National Center for Transgender Equality said the deal is only a partial repeal of HB2. It would ban cities from passing any non-discrimination ordinances through 2020. After that, local governments would be banned from passing any non-discrimination ordinances related to bathrooms.

According to a The News & Observer report, the proposal would repeal HB2 but would ban local governments, universities and school boards from setting bathroom access policies similar to the Charlotte nondiscrimination ordinance that prompted the creation of HB2. The report also stated that the repeal also includes a provision to “protect the rights of conscience,” which would allow lawsuits against the state for anyone who believes their constitutional rights are threatened by government action.

The repeal bill was passed on a 32-16 vote in the State Senate and is expected to pass in the House as well.

Refined Right reached out to several representatives and senators involved in the possible repeal deal, but did not receive a response in time for publication.

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