Hiring Outspoken Young Conservative Voices, Like T...

Hiring Outspoken Young Conservative Voices, Like Tomi Lahren, Will Continue to Create Unhealthy Workplaces

Tomi Lahren, a real-life meme fooling conservatives into thinking she can be an intellectual, is in free fall. Or so most of us anti-punditry right-wingers can hope.

After an appearance on The View where the pundit shared her pro-choice perspective, subsequently calling pro-life small government conservatives “hypocrites,” she’s faced boat loads of criticism. Everyone from fellow co-workers, to conservative influencers, to Glenn Beck himself have taken pot shots at her. The icing on the cake, of course, was the termination of her show on TheBlaze and the suit and countersuit that followed.

We, here at Refined Right, have already given a rundown of TheBlaze’s countersuit against Tomi. If you want to read more about what TheBlaze sued her over, and why her suit is erroneous, go give it a read.

I for one, want to focus on a smaller issue hidden behind all the drama, suing, and “punditry:” an unhealthy workplace.

TheBlaze’s countersuit did not spare any time running down the list of Tomi-meltdowns. Her constant complaining, violations of contract, and workplace conflicts created an unhealthy work environment. Other sources have added to the story.

This right-wing media kerfuffle should be a warning to every media team: who you hire will define not only your team’s culture, but your brand.

Hiring superficial pundits who chase clicks and views with controversy is not a long-term strategy for success. You’d think that would be an obvious lesson. Unfortunately, Tomi is not the exception in right-wing media. She’s the rule.

Right-wing media companies have a knack for picking the most vapid pseudo-intellectual talking heads. Yes, the left does it too, but as you can see, this is not about the left. This is about the brand of controversy-seeking pundits, like Tomi, who have been welcomed into the fold and are now causing problems.

The list of worthlessly opinionated conservative media personalities is extensive. But its existence is ignored. This purposeful ignorance creates a dangerous cycle for media companies. A few conservatives rise to the top, creating online personalities that attract large audiences, which then attracts large right-wing media companies. These companies hire them and viewership rises. Other companies copy this, increasing the appeal and possibility of becoming a young conservative superstar. Eventually, problems arise between companies and their media personalities. Either they trip up on their own slippery slope of trolling, like Milo. Or, they make an enemy of their employer and coworkers, like Tomi.

In rare cases, media personalities last despite decades of abuse, only to be kicked out once advertisers jump ship.

And you can thank the right-wing media industry for this degenerating cycle.

In the name of views and clicks, they prop up panderers, provocateurs, vapid punditry, and an unhealthy work environment. The few times they do take action, they merely replace those who have fallen down the slippery slope with someone who is still at the top of the hill. Tucker Carlson, Bill O’Reilly’s replacement is a great example of this.

If anything, Tomi Lahren and Bill O’Reilly should serve as examples of what happens when you put views above a healthy work environment. Right now, the right-wing media is behaving similar to a drug addict. The drugs feel good, but they come with a price.

Sooner or later, hiring that outspoken young conservative personality – with a sizable Twitter and YouTube following – will come back to bite you.

John-Pierre Maeli is a freelance writer, and managing editor at Refined Right. He's been featured in places like Heat Street, Red Alert Politics, The Daily Caller, The Federalist, and others. A fashionista, you can catch him in local coffee shops in the Washington DC area.