Glenn Beck and TheBlaze Countersue Tomi Lahren

Glenn Beck and TheBlaze Countersue Tomi Lahren

Glenn Beck and TheBlaze have officially filed a countersuit against Tomi Lahren, adding more drama to the already tense situation. The countersuit comes after TheBlaze’s former star decided to sue TheBlaze and Beck for wrongful termination.

TheBlaze says in their suit that the company still is paying and will continue to pay Lahren until her contract is up and that she is thus still employed by the company.

The counterclaim goes on to say that the outlet will not renew Lahren’s contract once it expires at its September 2017 deadline, and expresses at length that TheBlaze has not violated any terms of their contract with Lahren.

When it comes to Lahren’s Facebook account, which has a whopping 4.2 million likes, TheBlaze states in their counterclaim that “[Lahren] has access to her social media accounts, as well as a Facebook page TheBlaze created and maintains.” This claim goes directly against what Lahren’s original suit alleges, which is that TheBlaze will not allow her to access the successful page.

As for the matter of her show’s suspension and contract renewal failure, the countersuit states that her controversial appearance on The View, in which she seemed to make a drastic flip in her stance on abortion, was not the primary motivator for TheBlaze not renewing her contract. “In reality, TheBlaze has had employment issues with Lahren for well over a year,” TheBlaze’s legal team states, “That is the reason why TheBlaze decided that it would not extend Lahren’s employment agreement beyond its expiration in September 2017 even before her appearance on The View.”

TheBlaze’s suit goes on to give a slew of reasons for the failure to renew Lahren’s contract, which includes:

• Lahren’s treatment of the floor crew was inappropriate and unprofessional, constantly complaining about everything including but not limited to lighting, room temperature, editing, shooting, directing, etc.
• Lahren’s word choices on air had to be addressed repeatedly for bordering on the profane.
• Lahren would not work with one of two full time make-up artists, which resulted in a report to TheBlaze’s human resources department.
• Lahren has been overheard by many employees complaining about TheBlaze, stating that she will sue TheBlaze and that she could own TheBlaze when she is done.
• Lahren was divisive and created conflicts with other media personalities at TheBlaze.
• Lahren turned down a number of advertisers on TheBlaze for unexplained reasons, limiting any chance for TheBlaze to recoup its investment into her and her show.
• Lahren publicly commented on and disclosed the dollar value of her wardrobe allowance without TheBlaze’s prior approval, in violation of her employment agreement.
• Lahren embarrassed the company and many of its staff and other personalities because her statements were uninformed and inconsistent.

This claim, again, varies drastically with the assertions Lahren has made. Her lawsuit heavily implies that the primary reason for her alleged termination was purely for her comments about abortion on The View.

Regardless of who ends up being right and who ends being wrong, it is clear that both sides in this case have quite different stories to tell. Discerning whose side is correct will be for the court to decide.

Eric Shaffer is the author of Halley's Fire and host of The Shaffer Hour. Eric is a dedicated conservative who values intellectual honesty and truth in media reporting.