Report: Support For Recreational Marijuana At All-...

Report: Support For Recreational Marijuana At All-Time High

A recent CBS poll shows support for legalizing recreational marijuana is increasing by record numbers.

The poll marked a surprising 5 point increase compared to the same question last year. According to the poll – women now support legalization as much as men do. It also found that while younger people were most in favor of legalization, the age group most opposed to legalizing pot are over 65 years old.

This news coming months after eight states already approved ballot measures making the substance legal recreationally, while 29 states have made marijuana legal for medicinal usage.

While support for legal weed is more popular than ever – these sentiments are mostly allocated down party lines. For example, the majority of of Republicans (63 percent), Democrats (76 percent), and independents (72 percent) oppose the federal government trying to halt marijuana use in states that have legalized the drug.

Echoing the seeming destruction of the war on drugs, sixty-five percent think marijuana is less dangerous than harder substances, and only 23 percent believe legalizing marijuana leads to an increase in violent crime.

Sixty-nine percent think that abuse should be treated as an addiction and mental health problem rather than a criminal offense.

In what’s perhaps the most shocking, the 1979 poll showed only 27% believing marijuana should be legalized. That number has almost tripled 38 years later. While it remains to be seen how far the wave of legalization will travel, the trend seems to be headed towards it.

Parker is a political junkie, wannabe writer, and avid coffee drinker. He is currently a Senior at Millis High School in Massachusetts. Parker hopes to study business, persuasion, and communication in college.