Bannon Out of NSC Amid Shakeup

After shocking many by promoting Breitbart news chairman Steve Bannon to President Trump’s National Security Counsel, it appears Mr. Bannon has been removed from that previously held position.

This dramatic change comes months after the controversial figure was appointed as Trump’s ‘Chief White House Strategist’, a position not normally associated with National Security. Former White House experts considered the move unprecedented last January. On Tuesday, the Federal Register did not list Bannon as a regular attendee of “principals committee” meetings.

In addition, the change also downgrades the role of Homeland Security advisor Thomas Bossert. This shakeup isn’t the first to rock the new administration. Only weeks before, did National Security Advisor Michael Flynn resign from his position, following reporting on his communication with a Russian ambassador.It’s also reported that McMaster, who Bannon wanted in the role, was given authority over the committee when he joined the Administration. Despite the recent development, it appears that Steve Bannon will remain Trump’s close advisor.

It is unclear what specific topics were discussed inside the National Security Counsel, although many speculate it includes foreign and domestic security concerns.

Before joining the Trump administration, Steve Bannon was the chief executive officer of Trump’s 2016 presidential campaign. He played a major role in running Breitbart News, a far right publication driven by controversy and reporting. Going so far as to declare the website “the platform for the alt-right” in 2016. Despite distancing himself from past comments, many continue to claim Bannon as racist and homophobic.

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