National Review Editors Criticize University of St...

National Review Editors Criticize University of St. Francis Student for Decrying Professor’s Use of Cato Institute “Propaganda” Material

A University of St. Francis student received harsh criticism from Right Wing media figures yesterday for complaining a professor sent her Cato Institute material. “I pay big $ to go to @UofStFrancis & they assign me ideological garbage,” she said on twitter.

The list of Right Wing figures who teamed up to enlighten the student on her ignorance included Jonah Goldberg, Senior Editor of National Review; Charles C. W. Cooke, editor of National Review Online; Michael F. Cannon, Cato Institute’s director of health policy studies; Tom Nichols, senior contributor to The Federalist; Brooke A. Rogers, assistant to the Publisher at National Review, and contributor; and The Reagan Battalion, a conservative news and commentary curation site.

“Read it,” Jonah Goldberg, said in a quote tweet to her. “If you can’t explain why you think it’s illegitimate with reason and evidence, your ignorance is the explanation.”

Cooke mocked the student, saying her “big scoop” is merely that “she was exposed to a point of view she dislikes.”

In all caps, Michael F. Cannon facetiously pleaded with the student to not read it.

Before taking a moment to mention he wrote a book (because of students like her), Tom Nichols exclaimed how relieved her professor probably is to know her student is “vetting the readings for any wrongthink or ideological transgressions.”

The Reagan Battalion merely derided the St. Francis student’s intelligence: “He believes that you are smart enough be able to read different perspectives. Apparently, he overestimated you.”

The overall message from the critiques was along the lines of just read it, figure out where you disagree and move on. No need to make a big deal out of it.

Geeba, the University of St. Francis Student did not respond when asked for comment on the story.

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