Eat Burrito Sized Sushi Roles at Buredo, in Washin...

Eat Burrito Sized Sushi Roles at Buredo, in Washington D.C.

Reminiscent of Chipotle with its ordering line, open food assembly, and wood and metal aesthetics Buredo is a sushi dream come true. I mean, what kind of sushi lover doesn’t want a burrito-sized sushi roll to chow down on for lunch?

With two locations, one in Franklin Square and another in Dupont (and more on their way) it’s a great place to grab some convenient sushi for lunch.

I stopped by the Franklin Square location with my girlfriend during an excursion into the city. Glass doors and windows make up the front of the building; giving it an open feeling especially when the doors are kept open as was the case that day.

When you walk in there’s a city mural on the left side covering the entire wall. The right wall is made up of light tan wood counters where the soda machine, miso soup dispenser, and basil lemonade are located.

Oh my gosh. The basil lemonade is reason enough to stop by. My girlfriend freaked out when she found out they had it.

There’s a divider separating the line section from the long wooden table that inhabits the middle of the shop. It’s the only seating arrangement besides a few chairs and tables outside. Chances are you’ll have to sit next or across from a stranger; the horror.

Ordering was super simple. You have an option between ten sushi burritos, with the possibility of adding miso soup to your order.

I ordered the “Sofie:” shrimp tempura, avocado, pickled cabbage, carrot, toasted sesame seeds, red tobiko, and sriracha mayo. The sriracha mayo eventually got to me. I don’t handle spicy foods well. The burrito was more vegetable tasting than a traditional roll. The cabbage and carrots helped. The basil lemonade felt amazing on the hot summer day that it was.

The place is apparently run by two best friends. The staff itself was friendly. It’s what you would expect from a fast-food restaurant.

If you’re looking for quick, healthy, lunch-friendly food Buredo is the place. I know I’m going back for seconds.

John-Pierre Maeli is a freelance writer, and managing editor at Refined Right. He's been featured in places like Heat Street, Red Alert Politics, The Daily Caller, The Federalist, and others. A fashionista, you can catch him in local coffee shops in the Washington DC area.