The Bipartisan Support for John McCain’s Fig...

The Bipartisan Support for John McCain’s Fight With Brain Cancer Will Brighten Your Day

As you probably know by now, John McCain was diagnosed with brain cancer. His office disclosed the diagnosis Wednesday. The type of brain cancer he has is glioblastoma, one of the more common but pernicious brain tumors with a high risk of coming back.

Despite the horrible news, Twitter came together to support the senator’s fight.

Former presidents, and the president and vice president offered prayers and support:

Senators and representatives also offered support:

As did others…

Lindsey Graham gave an emotional response to McCain’s news:

And Meghan McCain gave a heartfelt statement: “My love for my father is boundless”

Among the support, some have been passing around old videos of McCain’s integrity during the 2008 campaign trip:

And this gem…

And lastly, a prayer from Chaplain Black:

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