Hannity To No Longer Be Awarded Buckley Award for ...

Hannity To No Longer Be Awarded Buckley Award for Media Excellence

Sean Hannity will no longer be receiving the William F. Buckley Award for Media Excellence after Buckley’s son, Christopher Buckley expressed disapproval, according to CNN.

The Media Research Center decided to rescind their choice, but not without attempting to let Sean Hannity save face by declaring a scheduling conflict. Ryan Moy, a spokesman for MRC, in a comment to CNN said the award change was due to scheduling conflict.

Hearing of the scheduling conflict, Christopher Buckley said, “perhaps Mr. Hannity has been offered the Ronald Reagan Great Communicator Award on the same evening and had decided to leverage upwards.”

The Media Research Center’s founder is Brent Bozell, William F. Buckley’s nephew.

Christopher Buckley was not the only one to express outrage over MRC’s announcement to bestow Hannity the award. New York Times columnist Bret Stephens in a column described the move as dismissing any standards conservatism has.

“If we have reached the point where rank-and-file conservatives see nothing amiss with giving Hannity an award named for Buckley, then surely there’s a Milton Friedman Prize awaiting Steve Bannon for his insights on free trade. The floor’s the limit. Or, in Hannity’s case, the crawl space beneath it.”

Hannity responded to Bret’s column by tweeting “I’ll say to you and the @nytimes (Fake News) I do not care what u think.” In another tweet, Sean holds to the story that a scheduling conflict is why he turned down the award.

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