Do Conservatives Think “All Men Are Rapists&...

Do Conservatives Think “All Men Are Rapists”?

The Boy Scouts have decided to allow girls in. Thanks to this being the same week of the Harvey Weinstein scandal, conservative twitter has blown up.

Everyone from Erick Erickson, to Steven Crowder is using the Weinstein scandal as a weapon to club the “Progressive Left’s view of gender” to a pulp.

And as always, Mike Pence has come up again as the conservative answer to sexual assault.

Pence’s personal rule to never be alone with a woman who’s not his wife is not in of itself a bad one. We all have personal standards for keeping ourselves accountable and free of trouble. What I have a problem with, however, is conservatives taking one man’s personal standard to bear on all encounters between the sexes.

It’s comparable to putting a band-aid on a wound that won’t stop bleeding.

In one breath, conservatives will push against feminist accusations that most men are rapists (an idiotic overgeneralization to say the least), while in the next breath advocating women act as if all men are rapists.

It’s telling that conservatives think letting women into male-dominated environments, like Boy Scouts, will raise sexual assault & rape incidents. This goes for gender-neutral bathrooms, transgender people, and “locker room talk.” It’s as if they recognize the outcomes of these male-dominated industries.

But here’s where it gets worse. Instead of arguing that an influx of women, a change in expectations toward male behavior, and teaching men to act appropriately will change these environments, they opt for isolation. Let’s not forget that male-dominated industries like the Startup, Tech, & film world have been feeling the effects of isolation. Ironically enough, Hollywood used isolation to deal with Weinstein (before it overflowed all over them).

“Never meet with him alone.”

“Go in groups of two or more.”

“Get someone to distract him while we whisk her away.”

The Hollywood fix to Weinstein was one of isolation. And conservatives are pushing for the exact same fix.

“If you don’t have one-on-one meetings with anyone who isn’t your wife or husband nothing bad will happen.”

A friend mentioned how naïve this rule is: are we assuming rape and sexual assault only happen outside of married couples?

According to conservatives, you can’t let people go into the bathroom of their choosing because men will try to take advantage of it.

According to conservatives, you can’t let girls into Boy Scouts because men will take advantage of it.

According to conservatives, you can’t dine alone with a woman who’s not your wife because men will take advantage of it.

According to conservatives, what happens in locker rooms, no matter how vile and disgusting it is, is normal.

But teaching boys not to be rapists is dehumanizing to boys. And when crazy feminists say “all men are rapists” it’s untrue and vilifying (it is both of those things, by the way).

If only Hollywood let in more conservatives and traditionalists, these sexual assaults would not have happened, they proclaim. I’m assuming because some believe conservatives are proactive against sexual assault?

The reality is, Hollywood already tried the isolationist strategy. It had the opposite effect.

Conservatives should stop pushing advice that merely puts a band-aid on a gushing wound. Don’t accept sexual assault as an ever-present issue to avoid whenever possible. Don’t teach women to be the sole action-takers. Don’t teach men and women that only isolation will prevent sexual assaults.

John-Pierre Maeli is a freelance writer, and managing editor at Refined Right. He's been featured in places like Heat Street, Red Alert Politics, The Daily Caller, The Federalist, and others. A fashionista, you can catch him in local coffee shops in the Washington DC area.