Submissions (Pitch Us)

We at Refined Right are always open to contributions!

If you think you have a piece that fits RR’s style and focus, please email your pitch to [email protected] Please, no full articles.

Once you email us your pitch, one of our editors will look over it and get back to you if it’s a good fit or not.

Please include the following in your pitch:

  • Sentence or two describing the main focus of the piece
  • How you will go about proving/backing up/etc the main focus
  • A little about yourself and why you’re qualified to write it
  • And, where this piece would fit in Refined Right

We take longform pieces (profiles, journalism, narrative journalism, research, etc), commentary; movie, book, and music reviews; and news.

We highly prefer intellectual, well-written and researched pieces that come at issues from unique perspectives. Hyper-partisan rhetoric, click bait, or the same old rehashing of a popular topic will not be accepted.

At this time, we do not pay for published pieces.