Hiring Outspoken Young Conservative Voices, Like Tomi Lahren, Will Continue to Create Unhealthy Workplaces

Sooner or later, hiring that outspoken young conservative personality – with a sizable social media following, but little to no intellectual bulwark – will come back to bite you.

Twitter Culture and its War Against Free Thinking

Social media users need to make sure they are not pushing aside intellectual pursuits in a rush to be the next big online influencer.

OPINION: Thoughts on the Past, Present, and Future of Syria

With the delicate situation in Syria now even more perilous, it is time to carefully evaluate the realities of the war-ravaged nation.

Here’s What David Friedman Will Have to Do to Succeed as Ambassador to Israel

If David Friedman is going to succeed as ambassador to Israel, he will have to follow these three points if he is going to rectify the Israeli-Palestine conflict.

Make America Smart Again: A Rebirth of Intellectualism During the Trump Presidency

In a society where intellectualism is a lost art, is it really that bad of a cost of the Trump Administration if people begin to educate themselves?

The Deadly Consequences of Ignoring the Real Problem Behind Mass Shootings

The real problem behind school shootings is mental health. And schools continue to miss it.

The American Health Care Act Is Dead

The Republican replacement to Obamacare died before going before a vote, ending any chance for a repeal and replacement for the foreseeable future.

As Someone Who Once Believed the Narrative of Breitbart, Coulter, & Hannity, I’m No Longer Able to Stand It

Here’s some game theory on why some Right wingers criticize their movement the hardest. We once believed the narrative, now we try our best to get others out of it.

Democrats Have a Message Problem

The Democrats are no longer the party of Roosevelt or JFK. They’re a losing centrist party with no vision or objective.

What Happened to the Alt-Right?

The alt-right was once a positive term but has now been overtaken by a more sinister group. How did it all happen?


Mayor Claims That Homeless People Are Being Sent To His City

Mayor Claims That Homeless People Are Being Sent To His City

Wade Chapman

An Alabama mayor is claiming that homeless people are being purposefully sent to his city.

Possible Deal Reached In HB2 Repeal

Possible Deal Reached In HB2 Repeal

Wade Chapman

A possible deal has been reached in the repeal of HB2, known as North Carolina’s controversial “bathroom bill.”

Erdogan Backed Turkish Referendum Passes

Erdogan Backed Turkish Referendum Passes

Parker Nathans

A referendum to expand executive powers passed on Sunday in a close race.