Marijuana Legalization Seems To Be Moving Nationwide

With public opinion seemingly turning in favor towards the legalization of recreational marijuana, many states are making changes to their cannabis laws.

Boy, 8, and Teacher Killed in California School Shooting

Tragedy has struck San Bernardino once again.

Oops, They Did It Again! Internet Trolls Win Another Round Against Shia

Less than two weeks after taking down Shia LaBeouf’s flag in Tennessee, the internet found and captured the flag once again.

Before Gorsuch’s Confirmation, Prayer Outside the Supreme Court

Outside the Supreme Court this afternoon, a small group gathered for a brief service of worship and prayer before Judge Neil Gorsuch’s confirmation hearing tomorrow.

Bow Wow Threatens To ‘Pimp’ Melania Trump

Rapper Bow Wow tried to defend Snoop Dogg on Twitter, to significant controversy and backlash.

Conservatives Demand Moore’s Head for Refusal to Support Trump

ERLC president Russell Moore could be asked to resign as early as today for his lack of support for Donald Trump, the Washington Post reported.

4Chan Trolls Shia LaBeouf in Epic Capture the Flag Game

Shia LaBeouf tried to hide the He Will Not Divide Us flag from the internet, but he underestimated the collective power of 4chan trolls.

Burke Contra Evola: Two Paths to Traditionalism

Julius Evola brings us a stronger affirmation of traditionalism then what Burke argues for.

Burkean Pride and Prejudice

Prejudice has a malicious connotation in society, but Edmund Burke provides an alternate, less repulsive version of it.

BREAKING: Milo Announces Departure From Breitbart

Milo Yiannopoulos announced he and his employer are parting ways shortly before a press conference this afternoon following the release of a controversial tape.


Can Conservatives Preserve Tradition, or Is It a Losing Fight?

Can Conservatives Preserve Tradition, or Is It a Losing Fight?

Troy Worden

Can Reactionism try to freeze things in place, or will it merely be swept in the current of modernism, like a bridge in a flood?

After 2016, a Resurgence in New Political Parties

After 2016, a Resurgence in New Political Parties

Eric Shaffer

The Federalist Party, created in response to the insanity of the 2016 campaign cycle, hopes to put principles first as it finds its footing.

Glenn Beck and TheBlaze Countersue Tomi Lahren

Glenn Beck and TheBlaze Countersue Tomi Lahren

Eric Shaffer

Glenn Beck and TheBlaze have officially filed a countersuit against former “Final Thoughts” host Tomi Lahren.