The American Health Care Act Is Dead

The Republican replacement to Obamacare died before going before a vote, ending any chance for a repeal and replacement for the foreseeable future.

Freedom Caucus: Repeal or Bust?

As the AHCA faces opposition and revision, the House Freedom Caucus hopes to offer an alternative that appeases conservative voters who want a full repeal.

Symbolism and Tradition on First Day of Gorsuch Hearings

During the first day of the Senate Judiciary Committee hearings to confirm Judge Neil Gorsuch, Republicans and Democrats both reminisced on the path that brought them to this hearing.

Comey Confirms Investigation into Russia, Shoots Down Wiretap Claims

FBI Director James Comey confirmed the existence of an ongoing investigation into potential collusion with Trump and Russia on Monday, and shot down Trump’s claims of wiretapping in Trump Tower.

Trump, Rubio Comment on Snoop Dogg Video

President Trump took to Twitter after a Snoop Dogg video showed the president in a clown suit being shot.

Justice Department Announces Indictment of FSB Officers in Yahoo Case

Following a hack of over 500 million Yahoo accounts, the DOJ announced indictments against four individuals.

Nunes: No Evidence of Trump Tower Wiretapping

So far, there is still no evidence that Trump Tower was intentionally wiretapped, despite the president’s claims.

Conway: Microwaves With Cameras Are a “Fact of Modern Life”

Kellyanne Conway said Sunday night that Trump could have been surveilled through the microwave, but then denied that she referred to Trump Tower.

Woman Harasses Spicer at Apple Store, Calls His Response “Bigotry”

A woman attempted to interview Sean Spicer on Periscope during a trip to the Apple Store on Saturday, and then accused him of racism.

House Republicans Unveil Obamacare Replacement

Following weeks of speculation and controversy, the long-awaited replacement to the Affordable Care Act finally was released to the public Monday evening.


Before Gorsuch’s Confirmation, Prayer Outside the Supreme Court

Before Gorsuch’s Confirmation, Prayer Outside the Supreme Court

RR Staff

Outside the Supreme Court this afternoon, a small group gathered for a brief service of worship and prayer before Judge Neil Gorsuch’s confirmation hearing tomorrow.

Burkean Pride and Prejudice

Burkean Pride and Prejudice

Troy Worden

Prejudice has a malicious connotation in society, but Edmund Burke provides an alternate, less repulsive version of it.

Brianna Wu Thinks SpaceX Will Militarize the Moon

Brianna Wu Thinks SpaceX Will Militarize the Moon

RR Staff

2018 Democratic congressional candidate Brianna Wu expressed some controversial opinions on the moon following SpaceX’s announcement yesterday.