SpaceX to Launch First Reused Rocket This Week

SpaceX intends to launch a previously-flown booster for the first time on Thursday, following a successful static fire.

Leaked CIA Hacking Documents Offer Few Surprises

A cache of nearly 9000 documents from the CIA posted by Wikileaks offers a look into the agency’s hacking division, but offers few insights beyond what is already publicly known.

Brianna Wu Thinks SpaceX Will Militarize the Moon

2018 Democratic congressional candidate Brianna Wu expressed some controversial opinions on the moon following SpaceX’s announcement yesterday.

SpaceX To Send Private Crew Around Moon in 2018

Two unnamed individuals have purchased a private capsule flight around the moon in 2018, SpaceX announced on a call with reporters today.

Attacks on DNS Infrastructure Show the Fragility of the Internet

An attack on Dyn, a DNS resolution service, is the latest in a series of attacks on the internet’s infrastructure that has researchers worried.

Private Isn’t Always Private on Social Media

While social media often gives users the impression their information is private, the reality is strikingly different. Nothing posted online should ever be considered truly “private.”

Video Games Control Culture, and Moral Choices

With Deus Ex: Mankind Divided, moral choices are left to the game developers, and the player is forced to go along with them.

To Mars and Back: How SpaceX Intends to Colonize the Red Planet

SpaceX’s Interplanetary Transport System is a monumental project years in development, promising to send people on a regular basis from Earth to Mars and beyond.

SpaceX Announces Mars Colonization Initiative

The Interplanetary Transport System, a massive spaceship capable of transporting 100 people to Mars, could begin manned flights as early as 2024.

Yahoo Confirms Hack of 500 Million Accounts

A 2014 state-sponsored hack resulted in the theft of account data from over half a billion users, though the responsible party was not identified.


After 2016, a Resurgence in New Political Parties

After 2016, a Resurgence in New Political Parties

Eric Shaffer

The Federalist Party, created in response to the insanity of the 2016 campaign cycle, hopes to put principles first as it finds its footing.

Possible Deal Reached In HB2 Repeal

Possible Deal Reached In HB2 Repeal

Wade Chapman

A possible deal has been reached in the repeal of HB2, known as North Carolina’s controversial “bathroom bill.”

Erdogan Backed Turkish Referendum Passes

Erdogan Backed Turkish Referendum Passes

Parker Nathans

A referendum to expand executive powers passed on Sunday in a close race.